Thursday, 22 September 2011

Les amoureux de Paris, Helene et Stephane, 1990

Tombe la niege, Gien Lee et Jungho, 2004


cat by ariel rowan
cat, a photo by ariel rowan on Flickr.

this is my favourite drawing out of all drawings i have ever done!!!! its not good but i remember how i felt when i drew it and it felt amazing (i had just watched a documentary on jean-michel basquiat and he was my new favourite artist can-you-tell)

george (aged 17)

george (aged 17) by ariel rowan
george (aged 17), a photo by ariel rowan on Flickr.


everything i have been thinking about today

1. buster keatons eyes - whenever i daydream its been the first thing i think of this past week

2. i can never imagine boys typing on a computer and today i went to the college library to look at some books on american civil rights (which we are studying in history and is VERY interesting and all my class and some other classes are going to Washington on a school trip but it is one thousand pounds so i cant go and i wish wish wish i could ) anyway in the library i saw so many people on the computers, they are in rows so when you walk down the middle to get to the books you can see all of the screens. there is one boy i always see watching the apprentice in there. i even saw a boy who types to me in there and it was strange imagining him looking at a screen of words that i wrote on

3. i found some notebooks in a recycling bin today, and  a girls class books from 1967! one of the hard-backed notebooks was only a very little bit used at the beginning so i will keep my diary there. i have been keeping a diary on the computer, by which i mean typing in a text file about everything i think about and printing it out and putting it in a folder i have. i think about posting those a lot, just because they are not personal but they are not interesting either.

4. i am moving bedrooms! this bedroom has a window that SUN comes through! i am buying lots and lots of plants with money that i would spend on sweeties in my lunch break. there is a ficus in sainsburys that is the FICUS OF MY DREAMS

5. i want grey hair! or brown or black but i know as soon as i dye it i will miss being a greenhead! i am trying to get a job at my local bookshop (waterstones) if you work at waterstones please hire me i will do all the manual labour i promise

6. i wish and wish that i had freckles! (i should write a list of wishes)

7. i have (mildly) broken out of laziness and am working on a portfolio in the vain hope to do a foundation year somewhere nice. if not, i will do it at my local college. i went to an art show of all the work there a few years ago and one picture was a sideways 'na-na' (if you dont know what that is dont google it) with a hundred STDs in a burger bap and the title was 'Crabby Patty' YUCK i dont want to go there at all

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

plaster cast story

plaster cast story by ariel rowan
plaster cast story, a photo by ariel rowan on Flickr.


 gregory peck by ariel rowan
gregory peck, a photo by ariel rowan on Flickr.

yeowwwww!!!!!!!! what a FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a grade A babe!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have been thinking about thinking about THINKING holy smokes

THINKING is the best!!!!! every second of every day during everything you are thinking about what you are doing or where you are or the face the cute boy you like makes when he tells a joke or the film you saw last night or what food you are in the mood for (e.t.c the list is ENDLESS)
everybody else in the world always thinking too sometimes even about the same thing at the same time or even the same people thinking about eachother or even me sitting here thinking about people thinking about eachother imagine if a couple remebered the same memory at the same time as eachother like the first time they met and when they next see eachother one of them references the memory really subtle-y and the other one remembers remembering it and is glad that the other one thinks about it in their own time too which means they also must think about THEM in their own time which of course is unspoken and leads to much more thinking about eachother at the same time
your mind doesnt even rest even when you are wide asleep (i call it wide asleep like wide awake because when i sleep i DREAM not just abstract but LUCID and even before i sleep my mind gets lots of VISIONs because my brain is thinking but not even with words because pictures are worth 1,000 words (although in peanuts lucy says a picture is worth less than that)

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


i was thinking today about all the things that boys and girls i know think validate their existence /makes them 'accepted' in others eyes and also in their own eyes. some of these are superficial and thinking about these made me feel sad to write them and some are personal validation which i think is better to strive for! do it for yourselves guys DIY
1 is validated by how many words the boy she likes says to her
2 is validated by how good he is at drawing compared to his peers and his own standards
3 is validates by how many girls he can kiss and how many beers he can drink
4 is validated by how happy he feels without drugs
5 is validated by how many skaters she can name
6 is validated by how many likes she gets on her profile pictures
7 is validated by how many films she has seen in a week
8 is validated by how many strangers she smiles at
9 is validated by how much money he can give towards charity
10 is validated by how many snails she can avoid treading on
11 is validated by how many people laugh at his jokes
12 is validated by how pretty people tell her she looks
13 is validated by how many people don't know the band on his t-shirt

there it is a 13 bullet point insight into the MYSTERIOUS mind of a group of (mostly insecure) teenagers!! (also could you guess i am 7 and 8 and 10)
it is the night before the first day back to college
which makes you think about how quick last year went
and the year before that
and seventeen whole years is a pretty big time
but you can only feel it as such a short little time in a whole big world
and you think of your little body and your possesions that would burn easy or get lost in long grass or ruined in the rain
and both you and your possesions dont mean anything to anyone and the world doesnt notice
the trees go on breathing and growing to the sky
and the waves dont wash up at your feet they wash up on the shore because the world cares for the world
not all of its insignificant harmful little people
who only care about themselves and the nice ones eachother
and you think of all the people in the whole wide world
and how you wont even meet 1% of them

fred baby

i used to watch a vhs of breakfast at tiffanys whenever i was ill at home from school so i used to skip school a lot to watch it and say i had a tummy ache curled up on the sofa watching sing sing with a hot water bottle on my belly.

i had always hated fred baby but now i think the one who treats mean is holly golightly
fred baby wanted to own holly but she was a free spirited turkey egg thief
she ran away from lula-may and doc and peanut butter eating fred (but not fred baby) because it was an adventure just like marrying doc or getting the weather report from sally tomato.
fred baby reminded me of a cat or at least his real surname varjak did and his book nine lives
he probably never published that little story about his friend and her nameless cat not that his friend would have really known he wrote it or gone to get it out at the library to read it and i used to cry when fred baby gave her the 50 dollars but i think i was crying for both of them

Sunday, 24 July 2011

birthday in the sea!

i have been in st ives for a week with my friend and went swimming in the pool and sea everyday. i am having a 'blonde phase' right now because i didnt want to leak my green into the chlorine water, and i got very sun-burnt all over! as if i was a lobster turning from blue to red under the sun and in the salt water. on my birthday i bought myself my first peach of the year and had a pizza with spinach and a fried egg in the middle (a fiorentina, which is my favourite and i always have it!) and then i went for a walk with my friend on the beach and each wave seemed black and it lined up all across the shore and crashed into white foam all at the same time all the way along. i lay on my back and the sand was cold trying to look for orion, who i always look for but i couldn't find him, even searching for the line of three belt stars and then the sword and then the body was very short and insignificant i realised then that i didnt always need to feel a constant, everything around me was new and unexplored by me and i felt happy knowing that the world lies before me and before everyone to experience in our own ways and our own time! hundreds of years on maybe someone else will sit on the beach on their birthday and think gladly of everything they do not know and have not seen and be happy they do not know it and have not seen it because it lies ahead of them.
i went to the tate and walked into a room full of 80,000 white balloons and they parted in my step and sunk on top of me, i couldnt feel their pressure but only their lightness and i was surrounded by them, my arms swept them away and they sunk right back. when i got out i looked down at it from above and saw that you can see the people in the white balloons all smiling and looking around them in awe with their hair splayed out and maybe if i was in a different mindset i would have thought when looking at them 'they look pretty goofy right now oh boy i bet i looked pretty goofy too' but i knew they were feeling how i felt and they were all smiling, so in awe of the balloons around them and calling for their girlfriends or children or brother to find them in the balloon sea and come see what they were seeing.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Waking Life (2001) Richard Linklater

blue-8-15-6-dream is destiny
shooting star car handle float
no string rock out pick up to 20
ride bummer
hitch in your get along a little lift down the line
window to the world accepted glide to go with the flow
the sea refuses no river instant departure
crayon box philosophy motion to the ocean
determine the course of the rest of your life TOOT TOOT
lost virtue of living life passionately
philosophy of despair
your life is yours to create
6 billion and counting individual difference
imperfection creation frustration
water sabre tooth tiger system of symbols
fish tank evolution of organism
biological anthropological culture
black quiff finger check
manifestation of social adaptation
truth loyalty justice freedom new evolution
shoe drop clock float rooftop reach
self destructive alienation
war famine floods and quaked petrol tank tube
you gotta match?
puppet on the right or puppet on the left?
cross legged pour and strike
my waking life is her memories
6-12 minute brain activity lifetime
poetic expression of collective memory
crossword isolation
red man hell hole
apache shit eyelids you fucks
sweet music scream mindless cigar ME
judge not lest ye be judged
rising water physical law out of the blue
LAY DOWN G.I 21st century rebellion
century of slavery
liberation from negative quest
instant yes
vulnerable mind wide eyed greater mind
empty with fullness pulsating life
close to end paths of certainty gel settle
endless curiosity baby picture
2D thats me
identical fiction 7 year cell regeneration
chimp projection NOISE & SILENCE
art communication fills silence
empty world possibility
page chew
to begin again from the beginning
lack of life over abundance categories
super chimpanzee greater gap
saint philosopher true artist amongst endless zeros
barriers of potential
which is the most universal human characteristic? fear? or laziness?
moment rapidly fleeting novel
last gas stop last 2 tires no shirt pack HEY YOU
12 inch pull out
run 41 revolver
trigger cock bad thought eyes
poom poom poom poom poom
well armed populous tyranny defence
funny stuff reminder
bareback hat bond firefly praying mantis eye dance
shamans dream travel perfection
lucid dream state discovery lyndon
felix relationship contemplation mobility joy
dreams are real mapping
exploring the dream world opposition
memory perceptual image
hallucination inhibit perception
mistaken reality ukulele dungarees
worst mistake you can make is to think that you are alive. asleep in life's waiting room
combination of waking rational abilities with your infinite possibilities of dreams
long hard day work wake
sell your waking life for minimum wage
free dreams
phenomenon of sleep FUN RULES
hey man is this a dream?
seems like everyone's sleep walking through their waking state or wake walking through their dreams
snap realisation digital clock
light levels exploration dimension
way ambitious 360 vision
light flick switch float treetop flock
reality is reproduced
lack of imaginative aspect in film
god incarnate captured manifestation
mosquito slap
best films untied slavery unholy moment FRAMED
wow holy! open eye cry impolite feeling
eye quaver layers cloud conversation
nothing true - false world and anything is possible
discovery of hatred on path to love
comfort will never be comfortable to those who seek what is not on the market
systematic questioning on the idea of happiness
we'll cut out the vocal chords of every empowered speaker
complete fraud erasure of all memory
where there is fire we will carry gasoline
to interrupt the continuum of everyday experience and all the normal expectations that go with it
to live as if something actually depended on our actions
to rupture the spell of the ideology of the commodified consumer society so our repressed desires of a more authentic nature can come forward
to demonstrate the contrast between what presently is and what could be
to immerse ourselves in the oblivion of action to know we are making it happen
we'll be an intensity never before known in everyday life to exchange love and hate life and death terror and redemption repulsion and attraction
affirmation of freedom so reckless and unqualified that it amounts to total denial of every kind of restraint and limitation
old man pole grasp all action no theory
what was missing felt irretrievable
extreme uncertainties
drink and the devil took care of the rest
are you a dreamer?
dreaming is not dead - forgotten
nobody teaches it unacknowledged existence
dreaming everyday hand and mind
planets problem face
1,000 years instant pattern nothing here
exercise build solve saviour
i remember not just eternity but infinity
night steps excuse me
antennae bounce ant autopilot
stop! go! walk here drive there ant colony
here's your change paper or plastic credit or debit
want ketchup with that
real human moments
i dont want a straw i dont want to be an ant
ant-vision confrontation between souls
freedom of brave reckless soul hand shake
soap opera fantasy life intersection
casio digits 4th grade watch
memory besides the point what not
reality benefit consistent perspective exposed
spectrum of awareness discussion of dreaming
quality reception
external transmission
creation of confines heavy connotation
isolation connected in passiveness
information wash of direct perception
THE dream preparation
life is not a dream! beware and beware and beware!
because then happened now isn't
the ongoing WOW happening right now
co-authoring world exhibit of alienation
miracle of moments
eyesight is here as a test to see if we can see beyond it
he would rather participate in life than 1,000 stories
falling into a lucid faint at least something was happening to him
life understood is life lived
salsa dancing with is my confusion
don't forget, which is, remember
lorca - the iguana will bite those who do not dream
dream figure is another person that is self awareness
you haven't met yourself yet. but the advantage to meeting others in the meantime is that one of them may present you to yourself
examine the nature of everything you observe
dream feet inside your dream shoes
mental model
abstract graffiti do you remember me?
grasp neck kiss wake
digit despair TV glare
in hell you sink to the level of your lack of love
in heaven you rise to the level of your fullness of love preacher puppet
two and a half million toll a loss
life is wrapped in a dream
after death your concious life would continue in what might be called your dream body
in the post-mortal state you could never again wake up. never again return to your physical body
as the pattern gets more intricate and subtle being swept along is no-longer enough
what's the word turd
parallel universe burrito lay-down
i have recently returned form the valley of the shadows of death. i am rapturously breathing in all the odours and essences of life. i have been to the brink of total oblivion. i have remembered and fermented as i have to remember everything
if you're going to microwave that burrito i want you to poke holes in the plastic wrapping because they explode and i'm tired of cleaning up your little burrito doings.
you dig me? cause the jalapeƱos dry up. they're like little wheels
become concious. a gift. life was raging all around me and every moment was magical. connecting with the people.
looking back that's all that really mattered
koi falls charcoal portrait
pinball dings 16590 high-score
i'm not saying you don't know what you're talking about but i don't
false awakenings waking up into another dream
death a dream-time that exists outside of life
k-dick essay pre-amble throw my tears at a policeman's head - channel flow
4 year party character couple story is his own story
confrontation gas station
50 a.d time was an illusion - momentarily punctured veil of time illusion creation forgetting god
life is a continuous distraction
sceptic psychic floating green dress lady gregory
transformation floor footed
let me explain to you the nature of the universe
one instant right now eternally
do you want to be one with eternity constant rejection of gods invitation
behind the phenomenal difference there is one story - of moving from the no to the yes
no thank-you no thank-you no thank-you
yes i give in yes i accept yes i embrace
the journey to yes dead dog pet
dog ooze doubly foul land of the dead
not a dream a visitation to the land of the dead
life altering experience
WAKE UP whisper wave
crisp leaf tread jump up porch
feet float handle out-of grasp
black body in the blue sky

Thursday, 16 June 2011


i am making a zine about teen romantic/sexual experiences with collages, song mixes and poems.
when i have finished it (i have done 15 pages) i will post a link so you can get it :-)

Friday, 27 May 2011

Slacker (1991) Richard Linklater

(when I first watched Slacker, I wrote down the whole film in through my thought processes and now reading it it seems like a poem)

dorothy paths of alternate reality
postcard memoir-uncle fester
i fucked her in this tent shes not gonna fuck him in this tent
budding capitalist youth soda
dancing birth rusty judgement conspiracy-a-go-go
hole in the fence
funeral stepfather grave dancer
ive got less important things to do/true call
every single commodity you produce is a piece of your own death
cordelia 2 cups of coffee please
anarchist leon - belief into action
pop ones over there psychic tv type
parralelism video image more powerful than an event
95% unused brain/every action is a positive action even if it has a negative result
oblique strategies menstrual cycle scooby-doo bribery
natural human state hint hint (do it do it)
seen elvis lately elvis impersonator - parody self
fucking ants cos women are from hell
universal sadness guestlist lickstamp
pixel camera man there aint no film in that shit
hit the road strike the pavement
movies are photography 24 times a second
the tradegy of life is that man is never free yet strives for what cannot be. only later will it clarify itself and become coherent
shootem backs saturday night specials baseball bats
drive by shooting (a film) mountain lake head shove
kick rock book drop
camera fly circle spiral

Thursday, 24 March 2011

burnt orange peel

how i wanna dress/have my room/spend my summer
mood : tangerine, patch, beaded, musk, crochet, orange!, cactus, beck, stripe, plait, insect, weed, string, sun, yolk, avocado, cosmic, sunflower, seahorse, henna, dusty, horizon, beck!!!!!!!!
(i'll do outfits based on this post but i wanted to lay down the inspiration, yo) - just more brown/orange/red/yellow/purple! i wear mainly green/blue/black i am a visual human bruise!!!!!

cotton elastic polyamide

1 - tattoo from a bubble-gum packet
2 - scorpion necklace & my fave t-shirt, sonic youth 'sister'
3 - a dress i tie-dyed last summer! and i have never worn until this week
can i even call this a fashion post? its a clothes-i-wore-recently post! augh i will one day take a photo using a real camera in real focus higher than what, 3 megapixels?

Sunday, 20 March 2011

ornage orange red pink

1) Issey Miyake, 1992.
2)Alexander McQueen for Givenchy Spring 1998
3 & 4) Comme des Garcons Spring 1997
blogging break is now over! ( i miss writing boring opinions about stuff to strangers!), i like posting pictures of things i want/like or that go together but i feel that its just like a tumblr, so sorry for being a flaky picture based blogger! to make this a *legit* post I will include a song! today i saw a pic of Yoko with Thurston and Kim! so this is relevant..........?

Monday, 14 February 2011

act da fool, empty green

over the weekend i had a mood like i had when it snowed,a fuzzy energy but not sure what to do with it, so i was like a dull boredom but also a motivation to create from a weird sense of inspiration i was dragging off the weird feeling.
L-from National Geographic, R-from Another Magazine

rust and orange soy sauce

been cutting up and sticking down all weekend, i made a scanner collage (no1) so i can move around the pictures and match them before i stick'em. the first collage is- soy sauce packet, elvis, marios schwab, shoes, shoe, tarantino, shoe.
2~Harmony Korine outside The Cheescake Factory, Nashville.
Happy Valentines Day! i sent a valentine but forgot to scan. it had elvis on! valentines makes me think of elvis, later im watching Jailhouse Rock and the end of Buffalo 66. I need to do an individual post on Buffalo 66, it is a really beautifully made film so far, and some of the scenes have such amazing lighting i pause it to just lust over it for a while. a couple of weeks ago i watched Gummo (finally, geez!) and i dont want to try to summarise everything i thought into a couple of sentences, basically it is another reason to fucking love harmony korine and his style and characters. why has prince blocked Kiss from youtube? ugh!

Sunday, 6 February 2011


scanned more pages of FRESHFRUiTS book~
click here to see

Monday, 24 January 2011

Thursday, 20 January 2011

lime, eucalyptus, yellow

sonic youth, mixed paint
(from somebody's blog but i can find it, if its yours tell me so i can credit it)

Monday, 10 January 2011

trying to work out my 'type'
theres some kind of underlying theme
but i dont know what it is

Saturday, 1 January 2011

dreamt of a dress

click to see it bigger
i had a dream where i saw this dress, so when i woke up i drew it.
(left page - tavi, dress, hi how are you frog, bottom of the page is a daniel johnston playlist)
(right page- the colour of my nails diagram, my dream dress/dress of my dreams, a picture of a girl i saw on stylelikeu)

Thursday, 30 December 2010

lost song

something wickedly awesome and surreal just happened to me ~ i found an old favourite song. when you love a song and you listen to it non stop on the pc then record it and listen to it non stop on your mp3 player, before you sleep, when you brush your teeth, when you walk anywhere. and for some friggen reason, you no longer listen to this song, maybe you delete it or WMG rights claim it, im not sure. so this song became a lost song, for about a year. ive no idea how i even found this song cause a year ago i liked the worst kinds of music ever, ugh. anyway, after trawling around endless wikipedia i have found it! this is a friggen awesome moment! i am feeling deja-vu and nostalgia and love and appreciation of Daniel Johnston. have a sweet day!

Monday, 20 December 2010

how i feel today

Sunday, 19 December 2010

stir crazy

snow makes me stir crazy
the video machine is broken
no more college until January
snow makes me cold and bored
all i do is draw not very well
the longer i am on the computer the less inspired to create i become
talking like yoda! or a wise zen master
all i want to do is watch films
and drink miso soup
and write short sentences with no punctuation
but i cant watch films cause the VHS is broken!
i spent a fiver on a new scart lead
but the scart cable was fine its just the video machine
through boredom i am slowly forming irrational behaviours
1-saving every picture i scan in as "picture name babe"
2- not using shift when i wanna capitalise pressing caps lock, the letter, then caps lock
3-listening to sonic youth over and over and over and over
4-not drawing the pupils of peoples eyes (zombifying)
5-not using full stops
6-writing to do lists! more and more lists!

the phrase stir crazy makes me think of
a) Elvis in jailhouse rock (cause my sister once said stir crazy was just for prisoners)
b) manically cooking stir fry! STIR CRAZY TAKE AWAY!!!
(i know i am using the phrase incorrectly as i have things to do)


my friend Beth gave me this book for Christmas! it is such a cool present!
each double page spread has a different task to do creatively (if you've seen wreck this journal its similar to that) and they are all really exiting. most of the experiments are creative styles to practice,projects and small things to do.
"1. Do a painting with a water based medium (pen, marker, watercolour etc.
2. Leave it out during a rain or snowstorm"
basically the book is aiming to remove boundaries of structure and how things should be done, as that is a concept we have to develop for ourselves, each creative style should be subject to the individual. It is creating through destruction! Recently i had decided to create consciously, represent feelings thoughts and ideas visually, and be unafraid if they are not in proportion or not in my style or do not contain skill or taste, creating for myself not just art AS. I've been thinking lot of the use blogging, writing, drawing and also, in turn reading others writing, seeing others drawings and listening to their speech and their music. we are inspired from other people, and in turn inspire others ourselves through our own actions. - when i read blog posts about what inspires others, like a post of a collection of images and then an outfit or a drawing or a passage of text about how they inspire the blogger or how they interpret the images/writing etc, the inspiration they are feeding off inspires me, and so does the bloggers interpretation and the fact they have gained inspiration, it is a big cycle of cool ideas and people and pictures and music. I've started to draw,read, write, blog more to be able to have my own creative output. i wrote this really quickly as i was trying to represent what was running through my head, so sorry if it doesn't make sense due to lack of punctuation and garbling etc.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

collage vs college

click for big picture in a new tab then zoom baby, zoom!

Devon Aoki

Devon Aoki - mood = lime, soft, wool, algae, cold, green, floating
Yesterday watched Sin City, with Devon Aoki as Miho.

peach fuzz feel

1.Elvis Presley
2.Untitled Landscape, 1982 (Ink on paper) By Kurt Cobain

Monday, 25 October 2010

1. harmony korine-act da fool-proenza schouler
2. beavis and butthead
3. frogspawn at the bottom of a lake

B&W (vol.2)

1. Bjork

2 . Bill Murray

3. Elvis Skirt

4. Devendra Banhart

5. Freddie Mercury

i do not claim ownership nor rights of the photos used on this blog