Thursday, 30 December 2010

lost song

something wickedly awesome and surreal just happened to me ~ i found an old favourite song. when you love a song and you listen to it non stop on the pc then record it and listen to it non stop on your mp3 player, before you sleep, when you brush your teeth, when you walk anywhere. and for some friggen reason, you no longer listen to this song, maybe you delete it or WMG rights claim it, im not sure. so this song became a lost song, for about a year. ive no idea how i even found this song cause a year ago i liked the worst kinds of music ever, ugh. anyway, after trawling around endless wikipedia i have found it! this is a friggen awesome moment! i am feeling deja-vu and nostalgia and love and appreciation of Daniel Johnston. have a sweet day!

Monday, 20 December 2010

how i feel today

Sunday, 19 December 2010

stir crazy

snow makes me stir crazy
the video machine is broken
no more college until January
snow makes me cold and bored
all i do is draw not very well
the longer i am on the computer the less inspired to create i become
talking like yoda! or a wise zen master
all i want to do is watch films
and drink miso soup
and write short sentences with no punctuation
but i cant watch films cause the VHS is broken!
i spent a fiver on a new scart lead
but the scart cable was fine its just the video machine
through boredom i am slowly forming irrational behaviours
1-saving every picture i scan in as "picture name babe"
2- not using shift when i wanna capitalise pressing caps lock, the letter, then caps lock
3-listening to sonic youth over and over and over and over
4-not drawing the pupils of peoples eyes (zombifying)
5-not using full stops
6-writing to do lists! more and more lists!

the phrase stir crazy makes me think of
a) Elvis in jailhouse rock (cause my sister once said stir crazy was just for prisoners)
b) manically cooking stir fry! STIR CRAZY TAKE AWAY!!!
(i know i am using the phrase incorrectly as i have things to do)


my friend Beth gave me this book for Christmas! it is such a cool present!
each double page spread has a different task to do creatively (if you've seen wreck this journal its similar to that) and they are all really exiting. most of the experiments are creative styles to practice,projects and small things to do.
"1. Do a painting with a water based medium (pen, marker, watercolour etc.
2. Leave it out during a rain or snowstorm"
basically the book is aiming to remove boundaries of structure and how things should be done, as that is a concept we have to develop for ourselves, each creative style should be subject to the individual. It is creating through destruction! Recently i had decided to create consciously, represent feelings thoughts and ideas visually, and be unafraid if they are not in proportion or not in my style or do not contain skill or taste, creating for myself not just art AS. I've been thinking lot of the use blogging, writing, drawing and also, in turn reading others writing, seeing others drawings and listening to their speech and their music. we are inspired from other people, and in turn inspire others ourselves through our own actions. - when i read blog posts about what inspires others, like a post of a collection of images and then an outfit or a drawing or a passage of text about how they inspire the blogger or how they interpret the images/writing etc, the inspiration they are feeding off inspires me, and so does the bloggers interpretation and the fact they have gained inspiration, it is a big cycle of cool ideas and people and pictures and music. I've started to draw,read, write, blog more to be able to have my own creative output. i wrote this really quickly as i was trying to represent what was running through my head, so sorry if it doesn't make sense due to lack of punctuation and garbling etc.
i do not claim ownership nor rights of the photos used on this blog