Monday, 14 February 2011

rust and orange soy sauce

been cutting up and sticking down all weekend, i made a scanner collage (no1) so i can move around the pictures and match them before i stick'em. the first collage is- soy sauce packet, elvis, marios schwab, shoes, shoe, tarantino, shoe.
2~Harmony Korine outside The Cheescake Factory, Nashville.
Happy Valentines Day! i sent a valentine but forgot to scan. it had elvis on! valentines makes me think of elvis, later im watching Jailhouse Rock and the end of Buffalo 66. I need to do an individual post on Buffalo 66, it is a really beautifully made film so far, and some of the scenes have such amazing lighting i pause it to just lust over it for a while. a couple of weeks ago i watched Gummo (finally, geez!) and i dont want to try to summarise everything i thought into a couple of sentences, basically it is another reason to fucking love harmony korine and his style and characters. why has prince blocked Kiss from youtube? ugh!

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