Sunday, 24 July 2011

birthday in the sea!

i have been in st ives for a week with my friend and went swimming in the pool and sea everyday. i am having a 'blonde phase' right now because i didnt want to leak my green into the chlorine water, and i got very sun-burnt all over! as if i was a lobster turning from blue to red under the sun and in the salt water. on my birthday i bought myself my first peach of the year and had a pizza with spinach and a fried egg in the middle (a fiorentina, which is my favourite and i always have it!) and then i went for a walk with my friend on the beach and each wave seemed black and it lined up all across the shore and crashed into white foam all at the same time all the way along. i lay on my back and the sand was cold trying to look for orion, who i always look for but i couldn't find him, even searching for the line of three belt stars and then the sword and then the body was very short and insignificant i realised then that i didnt always need to feel a constant, everything around me was new and unexplored by me and i felt happy knowing that the world lies before me and before everyone to experience in our own ways and our own time! hundreds of years on maybe someone else will sit on the beach on their birthday and think gladly of everything they do not know and have not seen and be happy they do not know it and have not seen it because it lies ahead of them.
i went to the tate and walked into a room full of 80,000 white balloons and they parted in my step and sunk on top of me, i couldnt feel their pressure but only their lightness and i was surrounded by them, my arms swept them away and they sunk right back. when i got out i looked down at it from above and saw that you can see the people in the white balloons all smiling and looking around them in awe with their hair splayed out and maybe if i was in a different mindset i would have thought when looking at them 'they look pretty goofy right now oh boy i bet i looked pretty goofy too' but i knew they were feeling how i felt and they were all smiling, so in awe of the balloons around them and calling for their girlfriends or children or brother to find them in the balloon sea and come see what they were seeing.
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