Thursday, 22 September 2011

Les amoureux de Paris, Helene et Stephane, 1990

Tombe la niege, Gien Lee et Jungho, 2004


cat by ariel rowan
cat, a photo by ariel rowan on Flickr.

this is my favourite drawing out of all drawings i have ever done!!!! its not good but i remember how i felt when i drew it and it felt amazing (i had just watched a documentary on jean-michel basquiat and he was my new favourite artist can-you-tell)

george (aged 17)

george (aged 17) by ariel rowan
george (aged 17), a photo by ariel rowan on Flickr.


everything i have been thinking about today

1. buster keatons eyes - whenever i daydream its been the first thing i think of this past week

2. i can never imagine boys typing on a computer and today i went to the college library to look at some books on american civil rights (which we are studying in history and is VERY interesting and all my class and some other classes are going to Washington on a school trip but it is one thousand pounds so i cant go and i wish wish wish i could ) anyway in the library i saw so many people on the computers, they are in rows so when you walk down the middle to get to the books you can see all of the screens. there is one boy i always see watching the apprentice in there. i even saw a boy who types to me in there and it was strange imagining him looking at a screen of words that i wrote on

3. i found some notebooks in a recycling bin today, and  a girls class books from 1967! one of the hard-backed notebooks was only a very little bit used at the beginning so i will keep my diary there. i have been keeping a diary on the computer, by which i mean typing in a text file about everything i think about and printing it out and putting it in a folder i have. i think about posting those a lot, just because they are not personal but they are not interesting either.

4. i am moving bedrooms! this bedroom has a window that SUN comes through! i am buying lots and lots of plants with money that i would spend on sweeties in my lunch break. there is a ficus in sainsburys that is the FICUS OF MY DREAMS

5. i want grey hair! or brown or black but i know as soon as i dye it i will miss being a greenhead! i am trying to get a job at my local bookshop (waterstones) if you work at waterstones please hire me i will do all the manual labour i promise

6. i wish and wish that i had freckles! (i should write a list of wishes)

7. i have (mildly) broken out of laziness and am working on a portfolio in the vain hope to do a foundation year somewhere nice. if not, i will do it at my local college. i went to an art show of all the work there a few years ago and one picture was a sideways 'na-na' (if you dont know what that is dont google it) with a hundred STDs in a burger bap and the title was 'Crabby Patty' YUCK i dont want to go there at all

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

plaster cast story

plaster cast story by ariel rowan
plaster cast story, a photo by ariel rowan on Flickr.


 gregory peck by ariel rowan
gregory peck, a photo by ariel rowan on Flickr.

yeowwwww!!!!!!!! what a FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a grade A babe!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have been thinking about thinking about THINKING holy smokes

THINKING is the best!!!!! every second of every day during everything you are thinking about what you are doing or where you are or the face the cute boy you like makes when he tells a joke or the film you saw last night or what food you are in the mood for (e.t.c the list is ENDLESS)
everybody else in the world always thinking too sometimes even about the same thing at the same time or even the same people thinking about eachother or even me sitting here thinking about people thinking about eachother imagine if a couple remebered the same memory at the same time as eachother like the first time they met and when they next see eachother one of them references the memory really subtle-y and the other one remembers remembering it and is glad that the other one thinks about it in their own time too which means they also must think about THEM in their own time which of course is unspoken and leads to much more thinking about eachother at the same time
your mind doesnt even rest even when you are wide asleep (i call it wide asleep like wide awake because when i sleep i DREAM not just abstract but LUCID and even before i sleep my mind gets lots of VISIONs because my brain is thinking but not even with words because pictures are worth 1,000 words (although in peanuts lucy says a picture is worth less than that)

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


i was thinking today about all the things that boys and girls i know think validate their existence /makes them 'accepted' in others eyes and also in their own eyes. some of these are superficial and thinking about these made me feel sad to write them and some are personal validation which i think is better to strive for! do it for yourselves guys DIY
1 is validated by how many words the boy she likes says to her
2 is validated by how good he is at drawing compared to his peers and his own standards
3 is validates by how many girls he can kiss and how many beers he can drink
4 is validated by how happy he feels without drugs
5 is validated by how many skaters she can name
6 is validated by how many likes she gets on her profile pictures
7 is validated by how many films she has seen in a week
8 is validated by how many strangers she smiles at
9 is validated by how much money he can give towards charity
10 is validated by how many snails she can avoid treading on
11 is validated by how many people laugh at his jokes
12 is validated by how pretty people tell her she looks
13 is validated by how many people don't know the band on his t-shirt

there it is a 13 bullet point insight into the MYSTERIOUS mind of a group of (mostly insecure) teenagers!! (also could you guess i am 7 and 8 and 10)
it is the night before the first day back to college
which makes you think about how quick last year went
and the year before that
and seventeen whole years is a pretty big time
but you can only feel it as such a short little time in a whole big world
and you think of your little body and your possesions that would burn easy or get lost in long grass or ruined in the rain
and both you and your possesions dont mean anything to anyone and the world doesnt notice
the trees go on breathing and growing to the sky
and the waves dont wash up at your feet they wash up on the shore because the world cares for the world
not all of its insignificant harmful little people
who only care about themselves and the nice ones eachother
and you think of all the people in the whole wide world
and how you wont even meet 1% of them

fred baby

i used to watch a vhs of breakfast at tiffanys whenever i was ill at home from school so i used to skip school a lot to watch it and say i had a tummy ache curled up on the sofa watching sing sing with a hot water bottle on my belly.

i had always hated fred baby but now i think the one who treats mean is holly golightly
fred baby wanted to own holly but she was a free spirited turkey egg thief
she ran away from lula-may and doc and peanut butter eating fred (but not fred baby) because it was an adventure just like marrying doc or getting the weather report from sally tomato.
fred baby reminded me of a cat or at least his real surname varjak did and his book nine lives
he probably never published that little story about his friend and her nameless cat not that his friend would have really known he wrote it or gone to get it out at the library to read it and i used to cry when fred baby gave her the 50 dollars but i think i was crying for both of them
i do not claim ownership nor rights of the photos used on this blog