Tuesday, 6 September 2011

fred baby

i used to watch a vhs of breakfast at tiffanys whenever i was ill at home from school so i used to skip school a lot to watch it and say i had a tummy ache curled up on the sofa watching sing sing with a hot water bottle on my belly.

i had always hated fred baby but now i think the one who treats mean is holly golightly
fred baby wanted to own holly but she was a free spirited turkey egg thief
she ran away from lula-may and doc and peanut butter eating fred (but not fred baby) because it was an adventure just like marrying doc or getting the weather report from sally tomato.
fred baby reminded me of a cat or at least his real surname varjak did and his book nine lives
he probably never published that little story about his friend and her nameless cat not that his friend would have really known he wrote it or gone to get it out at the library to read it and i used to cry when fred baby gave her the 50 dollars but i think i was crying for both of them

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