Thursday, 22 September 2011


everything i have been thinking about today

1. buster keatons eyes - whenever i daydream its been the first thing i think of this past week

2. i can never imagine boys typing on a computer and today i went to the college library to look at some books on american civil rights (which we are studying in history and is VERY interesting and all my class and some other classes are going to Washington on a school trip but it is one thousand pounds so i cant go and i wish wish wish i could ) anyway in the library i saw so many people on the computers, they are in rows so when you walk down the middle to get to the books you can see all of the screens. there is one boy i always see watching the apprentice in there. i even saw a boy who types to me in there and it was strange imagining him looking at a screen of words that i wrote on

3. i found some notebooks in a recycling bin today, and  a girls class books from 1967! one of the hard-backed notebooks was only a very little bit used at the beginning so i will keep my diary there. i have been keeping a diary on the computer, by which i mean typing in a text file about everything i think about and printing it out and putting it in a folder i have. i think about posting those a lot, just because they are not personal but they are not interesting either.

4. i am moving bedrooms! this bedroom has a window that SUN comes through! i am buying lots and lots of plants with money that i would spend on sweeties in my lunch break. there is a ficus in sainsburys that is the FICUS OF MY DREAMS

5. i want grey hair! or brown or black but i know as soon as i dye it i will miss being a greenhead! i am trying to get a job at my local bookshop (waterstones) if you work at waterstones please hire me i will do all the manual labour i promise

6. i wish and wish that i had freckles! (i should write a list of wishes)

7. i have (mildly) broken out of laziness and am working on a portfolio in the vain hope to do a foundation year somewhere nice. if not, i will do it at my local college. i went to an art show of all the work there a few years ago and one picture was a sideways 'na-na' (if you dont know what that is dont google it) with a hundred STDs in a burger bap and the title was 'Crabby Patty' YUCK i dont want to go there at all

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