Wednesday, 7 September 2011

i have been thinking about thinking about THINKING holy smokes

THINKING is the best!!!!! every second of every day during everything you are thinking about what you are doing or where you are or the face the cute boy you like makes when he tells a joke or the film you saw last night or what food you are in the mood for (e.t.c the list is ENDLESS)
everybody else in the world always thinking too sometimes even about the same thing at the same time or even the same people thinking about eachother or even me sitting here thinking about people thinking about eachother imagine if a couple remebered the same memory at the same time as eachother like the first time they met and when they next see eachother one of them references the memory really subtle-y and the other one remembers remembering it and is glad that the other one thinks about it in their own time too which means they also must think about THEM in their own time which of course is unspoken and leads to much more thinking about eachother at the same time
your mind doesnt even rest even when you are wide asleep (i call it wide asleep like wide awake because when i sleep i DREAM not just abstract but LUCID and even before i sleep my mind gets lots of VISIONs because my brain is thinking but not even with words because pictures are worth 1,000 words (although in peanuts lucy says a picture is worth less than that)

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