Tuesday, 6 September 2011

it is the night before the first day back to college
which makes you think about how quick last year went
and the year before that
and seventeen whole years is a pretty big time
but you can only feel it as such a short little time in a whole big world
and you think of your little body and your possesions that would burn easy or get lost in long grass or ruined in the rain
and both you and your possesions dont mean anything to anyone and the world doesnt notice
the trees go on breathing and growing to the sky
and the waves dont wash up at your feet they wash up on the shore because the world cares for the world
not all of its insignificant harmful little people
who only care about themselves and the nice ones eachother
and you think of all the people in the whole wide world
and how you wont even meet 1% of them

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